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  • Feb. 7th Trinity Brewing Release
  • Feb. 19 - 21st Sour Beer Blowout
  • March 21st 3rd Anniversary Party
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      Feb 7th. - Trinity Brewing Launch

      Come help us welcome Trinity Brewing of Colorado Springs into the Washington Market. We'll have four beers on tap and select Bottle pours as well.

      On Tap:
      Red Swingline, IPA Primitif. DRAFT Magazine's Top 25 Beers in the World for 2013! A wild and sour session IPA. Brewed with three heavily fruity hops, coriander, and tangerine zest the profile is definitely American in focus. Aged in French Oak Chardonnay barrels with souring Lactobacillus, funky Brettanomyces yeast, and dry-hopped in each individual barrel. This beer is a definite wow moment. 4.1% ABV; pH 3.6; 100 IBUs; rare.

      Damn, it Feels Good to be a Gangsta', Black & Wild. Heavy in Roast, Chocolate, and Special B malts this beer comes off with a unique and unexpectedly dry profile. Combining two Brettas lends a milder barnyard, but heavily funky character accented by an apparent 'natural cork' flavor. Aging the beer on French oak Barrels and allowing it to properly develop, attenuation is high revealing a light body and notes of astringency. Balance is created by the addition of three special golden ingredients: Honey, Golden Raisins, and Mustard Seed. 8.1% ABV; pH 3.4; rare.

      TPS Report, Wild Brettanomyces Wit with Roses Petals. GABF GOLD MEDAL 2009, Bronze 2012. Brewed with flaked oats, flaked wheat, tangerine zest, and lemon zests. Fermented 100% with a very rare variety of Brettanomyces this beer is exceedingly aromatic. Aged on French Oak Chardonnay Barrels and roses petals for complex maturity and sweet earthy notes. 4.8% ABV; pH 5.0; rare.

      yes those last 3 are in reference to the movie office space

      Chocolate River, Imperial Stout. Just in time to keep you warm during the colder months of winter! It's body is huge, it's dark malt character is huge, it's hop profile is gigantic, and it's ABV is enormous. It's basically everything that you would expect from a noteworthy Imperial Stout,and more! We brew this beer with rich milk chocolate then age it on whole Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Dagoba Cacao Nibs. 11.0% ABV; extremely rare.

      A word from Trinity Brewings President,Jason Yester.
      "At Trinity Brewing we not only brew the most "Artisanal Beer" in town, we also make huge efforts towards eco-sensativity. We custom built our pub from nearly 100% recycled materials! A number of our beers are even produced in large wooden barrels which previously housed wines or spirits. Whether reviving ancient traditions, or coming up with completely new ideas, our beer will always be challenging for your pallet. Reducing our carbon impact we source our raw materials as locally and as organically as possible. We believe it's important to develop personal relationships with the farmers who grow our food and an identity with our eco-region, bringing you the freshest ingredients possible and making our dishes from scratch. "Slow Food" is a phrase we use to describe our approach to dining. Our approach for sustainability continues with how we deal with waste. We personally recycle nearly all the glass, plastic, and metal waste we produce. Our food compost and spent grain from brewing is again re-used as we donate all of it to our friends at the organic Ketchum Family Farm. And if that's not enough, we encourage our patrons to live healthy. We host the "Soul Runners" group run every Monday evening and discount beers for everyone participating. We look forward to seeing you stop by, sharing a beer, and some conversation.'

      Feb. 19th - 21st Sour Beer Blowout

      Stay tuned for the list of all things sour to come...

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