The Pine Box: Pouring Great Beer Since 2012

We are proud to be a part of our Capitol Hill community and Seattle’s history. Built in 1923, this colonial-style building of vaulted ceilings and leaded glass windows was once the new expansion of E.R. Butterworth & Sons Family Funeral Business.

The main interior served as their chapel, seating over 150 mourners, and included a pipe organ (above the kitchen) and choir loft (above the main entrance). The bar itself and majority of tables are built from reclaimed oak coffin cabinets once housed downstairs where the “processing” took place. The ceramic block marked 33 located between our draft screens was part of the original urn storage. As noted by local historian Clarence Bagley in 1929, this was the first business to offer the city “comprehensive death-related services from corpse retrieval to coffin sales.” On July 31, 1973 Butterworth & Sons provided these services to the family and loved ones of Bruce Lee. Among his pallbearers were Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Chuck Norris, and Lee’s Brother Robert. Cheers to those still here and those who were.