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1st Annual SBW Reunion Tour

We're getting the band back together! Every brewery that brewed the Official SBW Beer will be in attendance (Well Almost) for an 11 way brewers night. We'll have beers on from each brewery and games outside, all with High School Reunion theme.

2009 SBW#1 - Pike Brewing Company
2010 SBW#2 - Hale's Ales
2011 SBW#3 - Maritime Pacific Brewery
2012 SBW#4 - Elysian
(Brewery will not be in attendance)
2013 SBW#5 - Fremont Brewing
2014 SBW#6 - Naked City/Schooner Exact/Black Raven/Pike/Georgetown/Elysian
2015 SBW#7 - Silver City Brewery & Taproom
2016 SBW#8 - Reuben's Brews
2017 SBW#9 - Bale Breaker Brewing Company
2018 SBW#10 - Georgetown Brewing
2019 SBW#11 - Aslan Brewing Company